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Spicy Honey

Spicy Honey

We’ve seen simple hot pepper-infused honey before but never with such experimental flavor combinations as Berzerk Bees’ spicy honey offerings.

Their first hot honey was a plain habanero-infused variety, born of a late night (possibly drunken?) snacking session. Mr. Berzerk was eating some pickled habaneros that lit him up too much and he reached for a bottle of honey to help with the burn. (Sugars neutralize capsaicin.) The flavor combination blew him away and he knew what he had to do: create a line of hot pepper honeys and take over the world.

Since then, Berzerk Bees has come out with three other varieties of spicy honey: Thai Chili with Cilantro and Ginger, Strawberry Serrano and Ghost Chili with Coconut.

Anyone who has a friend that likes to cook and enjoys foods with a bit of heat, any of these honeys will make an amazing gift for that friend. If you, yourself, are a person who loves to cook and play with new ingredients in the kitchen, we’ve got two words for you: huevos rancheros. Start by boiling your beans in a pan with water and a healthy spoonful of spicy honey. Then just make the rest of the dish as you normally would and be ready for a whole new world of flavor.

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