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Megapack of 100 Random Stickers

Megapack of 100 Assorted Stickers

Stickers are actually used as a form of currency in some countries that exist in our imagination because we totally fabricated the first twelve words of this sentence because we think it would be funny if they were true. They are not.

Anyway, do you need some stickers? Do you need a lot of stickers?! Whether you just picked up twenty new skate decks or need to give your new Mercedes some “personality,” this lot of 100 random stickers has you covered. Various styles, various sizes…

Check out the photo up there if you want to get an idea of type of sticker we’re talking about. But if there’s a particular sticker in the photo that you want, you should probably just try to find that one by itself, as, again, this is a totally random batch of stickers!

If you’re worried about getting a bunch of crappy stickers, you should definitely check out the reviews section through the link below. Mostly happy customers!

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