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Nautical Steampunk Computer Keyboard

Nautical Steampunk Computer Keyboard

Today’s #BlackoutFriday Countdown product reminds us of that game Myst. Have you ever played Myst?

Myst was one of the most frustrating computer games ever made. In fact, Myst was probably the second most frustrating experience in the lives of anyone who played it, right after trying to lose their virginity before going to college.

In the game, you were stranded on this island and you had the impression that puzzles needed to be solved but there was nothing in the way of hints or even a clear indication of what was and wasn’t a puzzle. Maybe we were just too dumb at the time to figure it out. Or maybe we were too distracted trying to lose our virginity.

Anyway, this computer keyboard is seriously unique, with a “worn-in, weather-beaten aesthetic and cast brass components.” We’d call it steampunk. They keys are in the style of an old typewriter and the surface of the keyboard features a map drawn by Peter Schenk the Elder.

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