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Birdhouse for Barn Owls

Birdhouse for Barn Owls

Owls are badass.

Some of you don’t know how badass owls are but YouTube can educate you real fast if you want to learn the heights of owl savagery…

Barn owls don’t usually get too crazy with attacking eagles and all that other stuff but they are the owls with the spooky face thing that makes it look like they’re wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask. They eat a lot of small mammals (like rodents) too, so if you’ve got a mole problem or something then there’s a chance that having a barn owl around could help that.

Want a barn owl for a neighbor?

They’re pretty particular about where they live but this birdhouse is designed specifically to meet the needs of a barn owl. Obviously, if you live somewhere that’s never had an owl population then simply buying this box isn’t likely to conjure one up from the wilderness. But if you’ve seen an owl around your place then check this thing out.

There’s even a hotline you can call for a personal one-on-one with a wildlife expert!

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