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Inflatable Bath Pillow Phone Holder

Inflatable Bath Pillow Phone Holder


Always coming up with creative solutions for problems nobody else realized they even had. The funny thing about it is that once you see the solution, you realize you totally have that freakin’ problem.

That’s this situation, right here.

Air pillows for the bathtub, that’s nothing new. Waterproof phone cases have even been around for a while now. Honestly, there are even special bath shelves with phone stands in them for watching or using a device while in the bath. But one product serving the purpose of all those other products IS a new thing!

Lean back into the air pillow for cushion and let the arm extending from the front hold that phone in a waterproof covering for you to conveniently browse the headlines or binge through seasons of Trailer Park Boys or whatever you do in there.

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