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Retro Nipple Tassels

Retro Nipple Tassels


Unless you’ve recently been to a burlesque show or enjoy watching risqué movies about striptease clubs of days gone by, you may have no idea what you’re looking at, here.

We’ll assume you know what nipple pasties are because drunkMall has featured such fine products as pepperoni pizza pasties in the past. Pasties came into existence in the ’20s as a way for erotic dancers to show a whole lot of skin while technically remaining well within public decency laws. (It’s always been the female nipple that lawmakers have a problem with, for some reason. #FreeTheNipple)

Fashion trends at the time involved a lot of fringe on female clothing, so it didn’t take long for someone to add tassels to nipple pasties. And it was probably about five minutes after the first pair was worn that women figured out they could make those tassels twirl around and around with a good shimmy and shake routine.

A legendary look was born and you can still buy nipple pasties with tassels on them today – right here, right now!

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