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Scalp Massager

Scalp Massager

Having someone else scratch your head feels better than doing it yourself.

It just does.

Maybe there’s a biological reason for that and maybe there isn’t. We’re not smart enough to know things like that and we’re certainly too lazy to look it up just to get you to buy a scalp massager…

But it’s probably the same reason that a person can’t tickle themselves, right? Like, whatever keeps feet from being tickled by the fingers attached to the same body as them is probably the thing that keeps light head scratches from feeling good when applied by one’s own hand.

That’s gotta be it.

Anyway, the problem with getting someone else to do things like rub your head is that usually you have to talk to another human being. This often proves to be a mistake.

Here’s this scalp massager.

It doesn’t talk.

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