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Waterproof Bag

Waterproof Bag

Protect your valuables from water damage!

On vacation at the beach, hitting up the local public pool on a hot day or splashing around a water park – what those activities have in common is the potential for your entire freaking life to be ruined…

Nah, we’re not talking about physical injury or anything wussified like that. We’re talking about losing your phone and maybe even some money at the same time. And, yeah, water can throw a hurting on a phone or any other electronic device pretty quick but we’re talking about losing your stuff to a different hazard: other people!

That’s right – in trusting communities, you might still think it’s totally fine to leave your valuables back under a towel or something. But the truth is that new phones get more expensive every year and thieves are aware of that.

So what you want to do is keep your stuff with you the whole time!

Just throw everything in this waterproof bag, seal it up and hang on to it while you have fun!

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