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The Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine

The Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine

Do you have any idea how to cook a chicken on the engine of your car?

No. You do not. Because they don’t teach that in three-years-worth-of-canned-food-and-water-in-your-underground-bomb-shelter school. Not even those people who pretend like they believe a zombie apocalypse is really going to happen have taken the time to learn the car engine culinary arts.

Even if the apocalypse doesn’t happen, maybe it’s just too damn hot in the Summer to have the oven on all day. Or maybe you’ve got a family picnic planned at a special location an hour away and you’d like dinner to be done right when you get there.

That’s right! Your car doesn’t have to be sitting still with the engine running to cook these meals. Throw the fixings under the hood and hit the road, Jack! Dinner will be ready when you arrive….

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