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Good At Making Bad Decisions shirt

Good At Making Bad Decisions shirt

This should be the official slogan of drunkMall.

And everyone in their twenties. And everyone who works at Twitter right now…

This shirt came to our attention through this amazing article from our friends over at The Huffington Post: Man Arrested Wearing ‘Really Good At Making Really Bad Decisions’ T-Shirt

According to the article, the dude was arrested for “various felonies,” starting off with a round of shoplifting. Police tasered him but found that “ineffective.” Then the dude drove off in his truck with a police officer hanging out of the window.

You know what? On second thought, this is not a good slogan for drunkMall. Compared to this guy, we are total lightweights when it comes to making bad decisions. We are posers and we apologize.

But this shirt does still exist for those of you with aspirations towards the throne!

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