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Hands-Free Dog Leash

Hands-Free Dog Leash

Batman isn’t the only one with a utility belt now!

Strap this thing around your waist before heading out on a run and give yourself 3 zippered compartments for storing important items (money, ID, phone, etc.), a water bottle holder and D rings made specifically for anchoring a dog leash.

That means you can bring your best bud in the world on runs with you and not worry about hanging on to the leash with one hand or having it come untied from a less secure fastening!

Anything that makes it easier to get out for a run is great. You know you feel better after a run and your dog loves it, too!

Most running clothes don’t have pockets, so you usually end up with a fanny pack or something. You’ll also wanna stay hydrated, which means carrying a water bottle. And then if you decide you can still try to take the dog with you, well, you can see how it all gets to be too much. Keep it simple with one belt that handles all those needs!

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