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Bear Bikini Top

Bear Bikini Top

Good news, baby bear cubs!

Maybe the cutest top ever is right here, available to order – at least, while supplies last. (The medium size is already sold out.)

The obvious selling point here is the adorable bears on the front of this top. Each cup has a cute bear face with little eyes and a nose, a stuck-out tongue, and ears poking up from the top.

But there’s more going on than meets the eye!

Wear the top strapless using only the clasp in the back…

Or you can use the detachable straps that come with it!

Connecting behind the outside ear of each bear and over the shoulders to the back, the straps tie at the shoulder and have a little golden hand charm dangling from the end of the string!

All in all, it’s a bear-y versatile top and you’ll need to act fast to make sure it’s in your closet!

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