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Unicorn Bandages

Unicorn Bandages

Each box of Enchanted Unicorn Bandages contains 15 large, sterile latex strip bandages. But these aren’t your everyday boo-boo bandages! Oh no! These have extra Unicorn Power* and rainbows and sparkly stars!

Whether you fell off your skateboard or had a skirmish with some fellow Bronies over who has the prettier mane, you’ll be able to show off your unicorn obsession while those cuts and scrapes heal with Enchanted Unicorn Bandages. The design is a fashionable shade of blue, so you could wear one even if you don’t have a wound! Yeah, it seems weird but people wear glasses they don’t need all the time, so why not?

Each package includes a free mystery toy!

*Unicorn Power does not provide any significant performance enhancement over comparable brands or products. Unicorn Power will not cause wounds to heal any faster. Unicorn Power is not a real thing.

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