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Mommy Time Art Print

Mommy Time Art Print

Art is weird.

Susan Copich has made a name for herself by creating these photo pieces, which are, shall we say, polarizing.

Hit up the reviews section for any of her work on Amazon and you’ll find amateur critics with very strong opinions about her work. At drunkMall, we’re from the school of thought that art should always be compelling, so this classifies.

The scene here isn’t as severe as some of her other works: a fur-clad mommy being groped by a faceless person while jarring tomatoes as one of her daughters sits playing a flute at her feet and another daughter can be seen in the background, sadly eating (tomato soup, of course).

Prints of this art are available in multiple sizes and if you like things like this then you should be sure to check out drunkMall’s Disturbing and Creepy Works of Art for Sophisticated People gift guide.

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