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Pizza Bling Jewelry Set

Pizza Bling Jewelry Set

Show off your love for the best food ever invented with some flashy pizza jewelry!

Pizza looked like it was in trouble for a while there. Pretty much every single fad diet that’s come to popularity since the nineties has written pizza squarely in the You’re Fucking Up Your Whole Life If You Eat This column. (Side Note: go fuck yourself, gluten-free cauliflower crust vegan cheese kale pizzas.)

In the age of the selfie, people have never been more self-conscious about their bodies than they are now, so this could have spelled big trouble for greasy slices.

But no!

The pizza endured!

Here we are in 2017 with matching pizza jewelry sets!

This set comes with pizza earrings and a necklace chain with matching pizza pendant. The pepperoni slices are colored, so they really stand out!

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