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Monster Grandfather Clock

Monster Grandfather Clock

There’s something so “90s sci-fi” about these grandfather clocks.

Like, if you’ve ever seen Event Horizon, Demolition Man or Starship Troopers then you should have no trouble at all imagining a clock like this in the background of any night scene in any of those excellent and truly great masterpieces of cinema. And you may already be thinking that you’ve seen this particular clock before because many of you actually have. This one currently lives in Joe Rogan’s famous podcast studio and you can see it sometimes in the YouTube streams, like when Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are weighing themselves to see who is more of a fatass.

Russellbilt grandfather clocks are fabricated and customized in America, if you couldn’t tell by looking at this one. Every piece of that thing is hand cut, too. We don’t know how much it weighs but we’re guessing you would not want to drop it on your foot.

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