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Wireless Shot Clocks

Wireless Shot Clocks

Put a stop to never-ending beer pong games by bringing in a very useful tool from the great sport of basketball: shot clocks!

You know the scene. House party with a beer pong table and not much else for sporting entertainment. At least one member of one team knows they’re the center of attention as long as they’re playing, so they milk it for time. Grandstanding, talking trash, working the crowd, hitting on attractive partygoers, etc.

It’s annoying but it doesn’t have to go down like that. All you gotta do is have a shot clock in the room and a non-biased person to operate it.

These shot clocks are legit. They weigh about 12 pounds, so you may want to get some of the stands (sold separately) built to hold them. The best part is that the clocks and the controller are all battery operated and wireless.

Oh, wait… Maybe the best part is that these clocks have built-in horns!

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