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Stormtrooper Bath Robe

Stormtrooper Bath Robe

Every Imperial Stormtrooper deserves a spa day, even if they can’t hit the broad side of a barn with an E-11 blaster rifle. These luxurious hooded robes are made of 100% cotton terry cloth (which is the same material used for regular bath robes) and fully embroidered with designs and satin panels to mimic Imperial Stormtrooper armor!

Suitable for daily use at shower time, technically having on clothes when the pizza delivery shows up or a Star Wars-themed orgy! (Oh, don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it…)

If you’ve never owned a bath robe before, they’re pretty much the best attire for hanging out around the house because NO PANTS! The robes are One-Size-Fits-Most and come with a thick belt to keep the flaps closed tightly so you don’t traumatize any Padawans while lounging around.

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