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Inflatable Tent

Inflatable Tent

A childhood without tents is no childhood at all.

Not outside tents. That’s basically child abuse.

Indoor tents!

Come on, you hard-hearted adults…

Unlock those memories of how happy you used to be before you hated your boss and the government and the DMV and everything else that forces you to forget how joyous life should be…

Blanket tents!

Remember how happy they used to make you?

Life can be that fantastic again. And we know how busy you are and now that you’re an adult you’ve gotta think about folding the blankets back up and putting them away and all that, so here’s the deal.

This is an instantly inflatable tent. All you gotta do is hook this bitch up to a fan and it throws a tent up in the middle of your house. Don’t forget to take snacks in there!

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