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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves

Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves

Paging, Hannah Hart!

Anyone who likes to have a couple drinks while preparing dinner needs to know about these gloves. Using a mandolin can be scary even for totally sober, experienced chefs. Throw an overconfident amateur with a buzz on one and things can get messy real fast!

Of course, you may not need the gloves in the morning if you have a breakfast sandwich machine!

These gloves have been awarded the highest, EN388 level 5 cut resistance, whatever that means. Look, here’s one thing we’ve learned: the word “resistant” is not the same as “proof.” So, don’t get any ideas about throwing on a pair of these gloves and testing them on every sharp blade in the house – that’s not smart.

In normal use, a pair of kitchen gloves like this provide an extra layer of security around the sharp thingies.

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