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Comic Book Action Socks

Comic Book Action Socks

Actions speak louder than words – unless you’re reading comic books!

Let everyone know how close they are to receiving a karate kick in the head by wearing these socks…

Every fangirl and fanboy of vintage comics will recognize these action bubbles as the high-impact method of comic writers and illustrators to convey serious ass-kicking action! While TV and radio shows had foley artists to provide some extra audio “oomph” in action scenes, comic books don’t have sound (obviously) so they had to add a new kind of bubble to hold words like, you know, OOMPH!

This pair of socks features just a few old favorites of the genre, like POW! and SPLAT! and KAPOW! Many of the classics, usually monosyllabic and all that. A great addition to any old school cosplay or just a nice daily accessory for the geeky type.

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