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Secret Stash boxer briefs

Secret Stash Boxer Briefs

Hiding things in your underwear is nothing new, of course.

Doing that without getting your junk sweat all over your stash is a notable innovation, though, you’ve got to admit.

It’s even better than that ‘cuz this is a premium quality pair of boxer-briefs with a zippered stash pocket up front. That zipper means your business will stay just as secure as your fun. No more duck waddle when you feel something shake loose.

These are good for sneaking things in to places, obviously, but it also works well for travelers who need to keep an emergency credit card or passport secure.

Or if you’re worried about someone shooting you in the dick and balls, for some reason, you could theoretically slide a layer of bulletproof material in there and protect the boys. That’s not legal or medical advice because we aren’t experts.

We have seen Back to the Future III, though.

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