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2Pac Car Freshener

2Pac Car Freshener

Pretty much every person you know is going to see your car at some point.

All of your best friends will for sure be inside your car, too – some of them quite often.

You can do what you want but most of us put in a little effort to make the experience, you know, not disgusting. We’re looking at you “the back seat is the trash can” types, riding around with your nastiness all over town.

Clean your car, keep it clean and put an air freshener in there.

Here. This Tupac Air Freshener is awesome, so that’s even one more reason to have it hanging from your mirror. By the way, the scent is a “cool water” imitation. You remember “cool water,” right? That’s gonna be a high school hallway flashback scent for a lot of you!

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