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X-Files Prayer Candles

X-Files Prayer Candles

There are many unsolved mysteries in this universe. Some find it best to try and not think about that. However, there are others who’ll never be able to stop searching for answers to the great secrets of life. Are we alone? Are there other worlds? Other lives?

Ultimately, we may never know. We want to believe the truth is out there. But you can trust no one. For all of you true believers, light a candle to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, wherever they are, whatever darkness they face…

These X-Files Prayer Candles are brought to you by Kitschup Creations, the same folks who made the Stefon Prayer Candle from a few days ago. Prayer candles are their thing and they have a lot of different designs, drawing from every corner of pop culture – check ’em out!

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