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Skateboard Lights

Skateboard Lights

Trick out your skateboard with these awesome lighting kits!

It’s truly a shame that these didn’t exist in The ’80s, during the epic heyday of American Skateboarding Cinema. Because there will probably never be another wave of movies like that and every single one of them could have benefited from this amazing technology.

These small L.E.D. units attach to the underside of the skateboard deck (on either side of the trucks) and are powered by replaceable lithium batteries. Simply twist the the light to turn it on and head out on your night session!

Each order comes with 3 separate sets and each set comes with 4 individual lights, one pair for the front truck and one pair for the back. You’ll get a set of regular white lights, a set of “Lightning Lime” and a set of flashing, color-changing party lights!

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