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Beach Spike Cup Holders

Beach Spike Cup Holders

Ah, yes, a well-deserved day at the beach!

The sun and sand, the crashing waves…

What a way to relax!

Speaking of relaxation, you’ll be having beverages, no doubt. And one thing the beach doesn’t have is cupholders. Whether you’re having some beers, cocktails, mocktails or just good old water, you need a place to rest that drink or else you’ll have to hold it all day. Setting drinks down on the sand is just asking for all sorts of trouble.

And whoever thought of the solution to this problem was a genius…

Cupholders on spikes.

The spike goes down into the sand and holds the cupholder firmly in place, elevated well above the sand. Obviously you still don’t want to stake out a claim for your drink right by the beach volleyball court or anything…

Don’t forget the SPF!

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