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Moriarty on Canvas

Is Moriarty the greatest villain of all time?

If Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective in history then one could certainly make the argument that, given the nature of their relationship and certain plot points which we won’t spoil here, James Moriarty must indeed be the most brilliant criminal mastermind in all of fiction.

The performance of the role by Andrew Scott in the massively popular BBC series is perfect. If you somehow haven’t seen the show, Tumblr would like to have a word with you.

No, seriously, it’s worth watching just to see Scott’s Moriarty in action. He puts a sort of bored playfulness into the part, which is entertaining and a little endearing and all that. But what makes it special is the undercurrent of psychotic rage that occasionally breaks through the mad genius mask.

This painting actually does a pretty good job of summing up the character and you can get a canvas print of it right here!

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