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Mini Fire Extinguisher

Mini Fire Extinguisher

Nobody’s trying to get all public park cartoon bear infomercial on you about it but fire safety is legit important to successfully functioning as an adult in modern society.

Do you even know what to do if a grease fire breaks out in your kitchen?

Do you even know what a grease fire actually is or how it happens?

The answer to both of those questions needs to be a “yes” or else you fail as an adult. This isn’t a 50% credit situation. Hard pass or hard fail.

Either way, the small spray can you’re looking at in the photo is a miniature fire extinguisher that’s capable of putting out several types of fire, including grease fires. It’s only eight inches tall but the foam inside will expand up to 40x its size and it’s easy to clean up once the crisis has been averted.

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