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Bloody Eyeballs

Bloody Eyeballs

It’s never too early to prepare for Halloween.

Also, it’s never too late to develop a full scale, year-round fascination with gross, scary things. You’d be amazed at the kind of things you can buy in this world. There’s probably a little shop somewhere close to you that has all manner of weird, icky things in jars of fluid. Real things. Body part things. And if there’s not a shop like that around you, well, this is why they made Etsy.

You don’t have to jump straight into the real stuff, though. These prop eyeballs look disgustingly real. They somehow managed to create a wet look in the grisly, gory part. Like, you won’t even want to touch them because it seems like you’d get nasty red blood all over your fingers.

But don’t worry – they’re only pretend!

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