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USB-Powered LED Clock Fan

USB-Powered LED Clock Fan

It can be easy to lose your cool on The Internet but keep things nice and breezy with this fan that plugs right into your laptop’s USB port!

As the blades spin, LED lights create a clock that displays the actual time! This thing is crazy…

The fan blades are exposed, so make sure to use the positioning arm and place the fans away from where your… uh, body parts… will be when you’re “working.” (What we’re saying is you should probably avoid getting your penis whacked by the blades of your super-cool new gadget while masturbating to Pornhub in your office on lunch break. Unless that’s your kind of thing, in which case, hey, we told you not to do it, so that’s on you.)

Another cool thing is that no software or driver installation is necessary, so if you have USB adapters to charge things in wall sockets, those will also work with this!

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