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Bowieja: David Bowie Ouija Board

Bowieja: David Bowie Ouija Board

David Bowie was one of those people you never thought could die. Yeah, there are all of the things people say about artists living on through their work and everything… But that’s not good enough for the makers of Bowieja – The David Bowie Ouija Board.

All fingertips on the lightning bolt-shaped planchette to communicate with the spirit of the greatest Starman of them all! Elements of a regularĀ Ouija board are here, only customized to fit within the Bowie universe: different colored eyes to replace the sun and moon, a “BLAST OFF” sign turns a standard number strip into the “Space Oddity” countdown and a “YEA, maaan” or “n-n-n-NO, baby” in place of those simple yes or no answers.

There were a bajillion bootleg Bowie products that popped up right after his death, as there always is and always will be when legends die. We aren’t about all of that. But this is a unique, imaginative item and 25% of the proceeds are being donated to charity. So we can get behind that!

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