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Showerhead with Built-In Wireless Speaker

Showerhead with Built-In Wireless Speaker

Are you tired of taking the same old shower?

It’s, like, ugh, eeeevery day you get in the saaaame shower and there’s, like, water in there and soap and shampoo and you just stand there, cleaning yourself while you space out or reread the conditioner label for the ten thousandth time.

How boring! Pump some jams in there and get riled up about the kickass day you’re about to have! Or, you could pipe in an educational podcast so you have something smart to talk about on your third date with that nice barista.

We previously featured this showerhead in our Dance Party 101 post, so hit that up if you missed it. The Kohler Moxie is a wireless bluetooth speaker showerhead that connects to Bluetooth devices and plays audio. Powered via rechargeable battery, you can just pop the speaker out of the showerhead when it needs to be recharged.

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