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NYE Smashing Plates

NYE Smashing Plates

2017 is almost here!

You ready to enter the new year with a smash?!

Even if you aren’t on the whole bandwagon with thinking that 2016 was like omg teh worst year evar, a lot of the rituals associated with New Year’s Eve seem like good exercises for mental health.

You know… Wiping the slate clean, starting over, building something new out of yourself and your life?

All that stuff.

Temper Plate is here to help by giving you a physical representation of how D-O-N-E you are with the past. It’s a rectangular shaped tile, stamped with the words “FUCK 2016” and the entire purpose of this thing’s existence is for you to smash it on the motherfucking ground when the clock strikes 12:01am on a new year and a new you!

So forget about that NYE kiss.

Didn’t do you any good in 2016, did it?