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Dark Beer Fan Shirt

Dark Beer Fan Shirt

You either love dark beer or you’re wrong.

The weather is turning warm on our side of the globe, which means beer taps are changing to feature lighter fare – lagers, pilsners, hefeweizens, pale ales, etc. Those beers are nice and crisp. You can even mix them with other beverages to make shandies and congratulate yourself for ordering seasonally appropriate drinks.

But deep down, you know who you really are…

This shirt shows off your appreciation for a deliciously dark brew. When the sun goes down and the temperature drops a little, you may even be able to convert some new fans to the dark side by ordering a round of Guinness or Young’s Double Chocolate Stouts or even an intense Russian Imperial Stout. Of course, you know better than to think that way. They make Oatmeal Breakfast Stouts for a reason…

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