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Weighted Comfort Blanket

Weighted Comfort Blanket

Have you ever considered spending $200 on a blanket?

Well, you might be reaching for your wallet here in a minute because wait until you get the scoop on the Gravity blanket.

Sitting at over $3 million funding on Kickstarter (where they were only asking for $20k), this blanket will be shipping to homes across the world in a matter of months. So here’s why people are throwing such big dollars down on the table just to get a blanket.

It’s heavy.


Apparently, weighted blankets increase serotonin and melatonin levels, which reduces anxiety and stress. This contributes to deeper REM cycles when sleeping and a more comfortable lounging experience when you’re just laid up on the couch watching TV or whatever. (Maybe you can even watch an extra hour of news every day with this thing to calm you down!)

So, yeah. TossĀ a couple bills at these folks if you want to get your hands on a heavy blanket. Or you could try sewing rocks into a regular blanket?

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