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Super Mario Mug

Super Mario Mug

The big news for us right now is that whole Nintendo making a Super Nintendo Classic with improvements over the NES Classic.

That’s right, people!

The SNES Classic is coming soon and just reading the list of games coming with it reminded us of so many absolute bangers from old school gaming…

Some people are complaining about it only having 21 games but these are games with enormous replay value. We’re talking Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, Final Fantasy III, F-Zero, two Kirby games (including that mini-golf one), Mega Man X, Secret of Mana, Streetfighter II, three Mario games…

Oh, yeah… This post isn’t about the game list for the SNES Classic.

Here’s a mug for all the Nintendo fans and especially the Super Mario freaks – it’s got a scene of Mario jumping from the original NES game inside a silhouette of Mario that disappears to reveal the whole classic scene when full of hot liquid!

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