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Intervention Party Game

Intervention Party Game

The thing about having friends is that nobody’s perfect and the more time you spend with another person the more thoroughly and specifically you come to understand exactly how imperfect that person is.

And the thing about that is that it goes both ways, meaning you aren’t perfect either and everyone you’ve ever let get close to you can write a detailed list for you, if you’re stupid enough to ask them to do that. (Don’t ask them to do that.)

The solution to this situation is not to stay in your house and never go outside or talk to anyone ever again. Or, at least, that’s not the only solution. If you’d like to embrace the weirdness of social life and make a fun game out of it, Intervention is a fun game for people who want to embrace the weirdness of social life!

This game is the definition of an inside joke, by the way. You can’t take this out of the closet for an icebreaker with some new friends. Everyone needs to know each other and well because that’s what makes for the big laughs!

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