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Dictionary Dinosaur Collage

Dictionary Dinosaur Collage

You know about ugly Christmas sweaters and you know about dinosaurs and you know about dictionaries but what do you know about Art, huh? Whatcha know about this Art game, yo?!

Sit down and learn something about Art, now. Here’s what Art is. Art is when you take a bunch of stuff that everyone already knows about and then mash it all up and give it back to them in a form they’ve never seen before so they go, “Oh, huh. Gee, yeah. That must be an Art because I have never seen/read/heard/eaten this before.”

This is very important stuff. Ask Kanye West about it.

As explained, this particular art is a collage of a dinosaur wearing a sweater lain over a page from a dictionary. Why not a theSAURUS?

You’d have to ask the artist. Maybe he’s on Twitter.

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