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Godzilla Cup Holder from Taco Bell in 1998

Godzilla Cup Holder from Taco Bell in 1998

Anyone who was older than ten years old when the 1998 Godzilla movie (starring Matthew Broderick and about $128 million worth of other stuff) came out, should remember the Taco Bell marketing campaign.

If you think you don’t remember it, try this little experiment: in your head right now, imagine a little Chihuahua saying the words, “Here, leezard leezard leezard” in a Mexican accent. Yeah, this marketing campaign for that movie is why you have a memory of that.

That movie is also why you have a memory of Puff Daddy rapping over a Led Zeppelin song but let’s ignore that…

Here’s a Godzilla cupholder from Taco Bell in 1998. It looks like that version of Godzilla is wrapped around your beverage, possibly protecting it for you or possibly trying to keep that drink for himself. You be the judge.

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