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Sexy Overalls

Sexy Overalls

Farmers, so hot right now!

Maybe it’s the idea of all that hard work put in out under the sun in a field, giving off those responsible/authentic vibes. Call it cultural appropriation, if you want. Hell, we don’t care – good clothes is good clothes!

Adult overalls have been a thing in hipster bars for a few years now but this ensemble kicks things up a notch.

As sexy as regular overalls are, they found a way to make them even sexier!

What you’re looking at is a sort-of backless overall (it’s got some strappies back there, so not truly backless) that runs all the way down to a wide-flare pair of jeans! They’re almost bell bottoms, really.

Anyway, those vintage-looking patches come pre-installed, so you don’t have to worry about hunting down your own flair for these overalls but you can always add more if you want!

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