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drunkNews: Show Us Your Drunk Christmas Presents!!!

drunkNews: Show Us Your Drunk Christmas Presents!


Christmas is finally over! Did everyone make it out without killing a family member? Good… good…

So, here’s the deal, drunkMall has been around since September and we have sold some shit between then and now. We know everyone who bought that stuff wasn’t looking out for #1 – we want to see pictures of everyone with their drunk gifts.

If you’re here now for the first time because your favorite present came from a drunk purchase or if you bought a gift for someone else while you were drunk, send pix, plz – even if you didn’t find it on this site!

We are @drunkMall on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat – show us what you got! We’ll put the best ones in a photo album and share it next week!

(If you are here for the first time, be sure to sign up for drunkMail to stay updated on how you can win more cool stuff from the site. As always, it’s Saturday, so we spent yesterday stocking drunkPhone with ten new items – go send drunk texts to your hearts’ content!

Our weekly giveaways received a face lift! There are now more ways than ever to increase your odds of winning items featured on drunkMall – so check that out. If you represent a brand that wants to sponsor a giveaway, contact [email protected] ASAP.

Enjoy your weekend!


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