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144 Beer Pong Balls

144 Beer Pong Balls

Name one thing that wouldn’t be better if it had balls.

That’s right, you can’t!

Huh, what’s that? Didn’t quite hear you there? No, YOU’RE a post on a website that it would be pointless to try talking to with your mouth!

Even things that do have balls can be made better. All they need is more balls! One can never have enough balls, that’s what we always say. That’s why we love The Brewski Brothers for making it so easy to pick up a gross of beer pong balls all at once. (No, not gross balls. A gross of balls. That means 144 balls, math genius.)

Anyone planning a beer pong tournament needs to have a lot of balls. Everyone’s drinking and things get crazy but if you’ve got a firm grasp on your balls situation then it will be much easier to control.

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