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Nicolas Cage “Con Air” Fan Art t-shirt

Nicolas Cage “Con Air” Fan Art t-shirt

Have you seen Con Air?

Oh, man… It’s amazing…

Nic Cage straps on his worst southern accent to play Cameron Poe, a man who’s headed home after doing time for defending his wife’s honor years ago. Only, wouldn’t ya know it, his transportation is an airplane full of America’s most dangerous criminals and, you’ll never believe it, but damned if one of those evil geniuses hasn’t got a plan to reroute that plane and escape!

You gotta see it. John Cusack, John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi… It’s great!

The thing we like most about the design on this shirt is how it looks like it was drawn by an actual prisoner! It’s available in different colors but we like it in blue.

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