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GIVEAWAY: Eyes Open Sleep Mask

Eyes Open Sleep Mask

Never let anyone catch you sleeping again!

This sleep mask is printed on the outside with an image of WIDE OPEN human eyeballs. Block out the light to help you get better sleep while looking like the most alert person in the room!

Whether you’re waiting around a bus station or airport situation or even sitting in some dreadful classroom for the next what-feels-like-forever of your life, simply slip this sleep mask on while nobody’s paying attention and zone out to la la land!

Honestly, you might need a sleep mask for your bedroom at home. Some nerd the other day was talking about how important it is to sleep in a pitch black room all the time? It’s whatever but apparently even the slightest bit of light in the bedroom can keep you from getting your best sleep. A sleep mask costs less than blackout curtains!


Yeah, yeah, yeah!

drunkMall is always here for you. You should know that by now. And if you don’t already know it then just scroll your happy little ass down to the widget underneath this sentence and enter for your chance to win one of these sleep masks!

Eyes Open Sleep Mask

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