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Christy Canyon’s Autobiography

Christy Canyon's Autobiography

Lights! Camera! Sex!

Is that what they really say on porn sets? Maybe that’s how it used to go down (and in and out) in The ’80s, when Christy Canyon was fresh on the porn scene in L.A.

Before smartphones, shooting porn took a lot of effort and people. Christy comes from that era. Not like, “beginning of Boogie Nights when everything was fun and druggy” but like, “end of Boogie Nights when Dirk is off drugs and everything gets treated like a serious business.”

Not only is Christy in the AVN Hall of Fame but she’s also been rated on of the Top 20 porn actresses ever! All this knowledge comes from Dave Attel’s show, Dave’s Old Porn, by the way. The Internet had already destroyed the porn industry by the time we had any use for it.

If you want to see how this stuff used to happen, run a search on your favorite site for Christy Canyon. If what you see has you curious to know more about the old times, grab her autobiography through the link below.

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