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Recycled Firefighter Gear Laptop Bags

Recycled Firefighter Gear Laptop Bags

Introducing the new favorite laptop case of every male stripper with a firefighter routine!

Dakota Stitch and Design is out here rounding up old firefighter gear and repurposing it for your “rugged” bag needs. They do backpacks, laptop cases, wallets and even diaper bags. Customization options are extensive, so you can even get your own name put on a bag and pretend the suit used to belong to your uncle or something.

All the suits are thoroughly washed before their new live as a bag product but considering that they may or may not have been worn in duty around, you know, highly toxic materials or byproducts of roaring infernos, you should know that they’ll make your bag out of brand new fabric if you want.

Gimmicks aside, these materials are obviously sturdy as fuck. Get yourself a heavy duty bag!

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