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Mexican Poncho

Mexican Poncho

There are many versions of a poncho.

You can drop a couple grand on Rodeo Drive for some version of a poncho that’ll look great on your #influencer Instagram when you post selfies of hanging out in VIP at Coachella or whatever. That’s a poncho.

You can spend $2 on a yellow piece of plastic that smells like a pool float because you didn’t know it would rain at the renaissance fair. That’s a poncho.

Or you could get a poncho straight from Mexico, like nameless men with short tempers and fast pistols have been doing since before law came to the Wild West. These ponchos are the real deal, boys and girls. If you’re worried that you can’t pull off wearing one of these, we’ll settle that debate for you: you can’t.

Everyone else, get your blankie on!

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