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UFO Chair

UFO Chair

Travel to new dimensions of relaxation with a stylish new lounging chair!

This chair is made by an Italian company and their website is written in Italian, so please keep reading for our pathetic attempt at deciphering information about this chair for you.

It’s clearly modeled after some aspect of space travel, as UFO is its actual name and, well, look at the thing. It looks like Marvin the Martian is about to step out of the back and blast you with a ray gun…

You probably can’t afford this chair, by the way. We have no idea what the price tag is but it looks like they’re only making 100 of these things. Anytime there’s only 100 of something in the world at a time, they usually cost a lot of money.

But if you’re rich then you should check out their site and look at all the color options available. Very cool stuff.

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