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Back to the Future Rug

Back to the Future Rug


Fans of Back to the Future (or ’80s American kitsch in general) are freaking out over this rug right now. This rug is everything right now.

It doesn’t take a mad scientist traveling through time to tell you that it isn’t every day (or decade) that you find a rug in colors as loud as this. The gaudiness alone would be enough to make the rug a winner but then you throw in the Back to the Future element and it’s over the moon!

There’s Marty McFly with his dope jacket and mega-dope hoverboard. And he wants to go back. To the future!

It’s a Society 6 find, so if you don’t need a new rug then you can grab this marvelously tacky design on various other items, like a clock or a coffee mug or a shirt. Go check it all out!

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