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Revolver Herb Grinder

Revolver Herb Grinder

Ya gotta have a good grinder, man!

We’re essentially in a golden age for potheads.

The spreading legalization of that sweet leaf has resulted not only in a spectacular rise in the quality of paraphernalia but also the potency of the weed itself. Some of this green, taking one hit is roughly equivalent to losing a round of Russian roulette, as far as how useful you’ll be for the next hour or so…

Getting your hands on a good grinder isn’t difficult at all, anymore. Honestly, if you somehow manage to buy a bad grinder, that’s just your fault.

As such, the only decision left to make when buying a grinder is what do you think makes a grinder look cool?

We think this grinder that looks like the chamber of a revolver is about as cool as it gets!

Of course it has the “pollen catcher” part and all that basic stuff…

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